Our Response to COVID-19

Crossway, As we are all aware, our country and our world have recently experienced a crisis which has now been determined to be a world-wide pandemic, the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It has also been the cause for much fear in our country, even among Christians.

There are two possible extremes in response to this situation. One extreme is to panic by living in fear over the Coronavirus. The other is to bury our heads in the sand by dismissing this medical crisis as if it were nothing of concern. Neither fear nor irresponsibility are to be the motivating factors for Christian believers who have put their hope and trust in a loving and sovereign God.

Brothers and sisters, the more that we learn about this virus, the more we need to act quickly to try to prevent the spread. Although no cases have yet been reported in Tallahassee there is concern that there can be exponential growth before we are aware that it is with us. Because of this we are going to suspend regular worship and strongly urge each of us to tune into the live feed on Sunday and Wednesday.

We will Begin the service at 10 o’clock on Sunday which will include a sermon and communion. It would be good to have your own communion ready so we can take that together.

Wednesday night will begin at 7 o’clock and we will have a class to share for that time as well.

It is really important that we stay connected and do not let Satan work his way into our hearts, relationships or our commitment to Christ. It is urgent that we continue to pray for each other and our nation and world.  Let’s pray that this pandemic would pass with minimal impact on lives and that a vaccine would be developed.

You can connect with the live feed by going to our Facebook page CrossWay church or connect on our website crosswaytallahassee.org. and click where it says watch live.

It would be helpful for us to continue giving and the link for online giving is also on our website where it says give.

If you would rather you can put a check in the mailbox (not cash)at church. It it is a locking mailbox.

God is always working and will work through this in someway. Let’s make it a time of spiritual growth and love.

Let’s commit ourselves to trusting God that He will use this difficult time in the history of the world (and the church) to draw people to Himself and to advance His kingdom. Let’s be prepared to share the hope, grace and love of Christ with those around us and to be a peace-filled presence in an increasingly fear-filled world. 

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