Childrens Ministry

Our Children’s ministry is a fun-filled, safe and passionate atmosphere. From 6 months to 5th grade, they are taught all about God, Jesus, and the Bible. We have a nursery, classes for toddlers, preschool/kindergarten, and grade school.

Teen Ministry

As a teenager, discovering themselves, resisting peer pressure and choosing the righteous path can be difficult. Our teen ministry helps middle school and high school students pursue God while having a ton of fun together.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

 Our college ministry focuses on helping students build deep convictions while learning how to think and reason with God. Our goal is to help students make Jesus Lord and grow no matter where they go.
Young Professionals Ministry

Young Professionals (CrossFit)

Representing Christ in the home and the professional setting can be a challenge. We help each other thrive in life after college. If you are new to the workforce, newly married, or looking for friends that are in the same stage of life, we would love to connect with you.
Adult Ministry

Adult Ministry

We have all seen life’s ups and downs, yet through God’s power, He holds us together. No matter where you have been or what you are going through now, Christ is the answer. We help each other navigate life’s challenges and stand firm in Christ.